The DIELECTRIC HIGH VOLTAGE TEST  is an integral part of the product safety evaluation of electrical and electronic devices, and provides manufacturers with important information regarding the quality and appropriateness of the chosen insulation system. This test is a property of interest for many fields where electric field is present.This test involves placing an high voltage across the insulation barrier of the device as per Indian and International Standards. If the insulation holds the voltage, the device is deemed to have passed the test. However, if the applied voltage allows current to flow through the insulated device after its breakdown , then insulation is determined to be insufficient since it might pose a shock hazard to users. Since Its related to the shock hazard to the end users that’s why it is a very important test.

• With safety high voltage probs.
• Rating as per requirements.
• With audio visual alarm system.
• With necessary voltmeter and tripping current meter.
• Rugged and Highly durable equipment

High voltage break down tester as per ASTM-D-149

High Voltage Break Down Tester


The apparatus consist of following:
• Control Box consisting of motorized
• Voltage increase & decrease system
• Digital Voltmeter
• Digital Ammeter
• Sensing circuit and Accessories
• High Voltage transformer of Kilo volts output, secondary current capacity
• Acrylic transparent Box containing spherical brass electrode spring loaded, with mechanism to lift the electrode when door is opened.

This is designed exactly as per the ASTM-D-149 Standard.

Technical Specifications:
• OUTPUT – 0-20 KV/30 KV/50 KV
• TRIPPING CURRENT – 10, 50, 100 m.A.
• RATE OF INCREASE OF VOLTAGE 500 V PER SECOND. The apparatus is ergonomically designed for ease of operation.
• Built in safety cage of engineering plastics with safety interlock switch.
• All necessary safeties for High Voltage to be incorporated.
• Edge of electrodes to be rounded.