Sensor’s test equipment are manufactured with top class components to verify Safety, Quality and Compliance characteristics of electro-technical products as required by national and international safety regulatory agencies. These equipment are used to check Electrical Wiring Accessories, Electrical Home Appliances, Industrial Luminaries, Motors, Auto accessories and Auto components or parts used in such products. Several of these safety test equipment are common to many standards and are required for routine 100% test purposes to ensure product safety.

Parameters such as Di-Electric Strength (high voltage breakdown, hi-pot), Leakage Current, Insulation Resistance, Earth Bond resistance, Human access to live parts, and related criteria are covered. This category is hence, one of the most important for end users.

Dielectric Strength

This unit checks the integrity of the dielectric materials, the thickness of insulation and the resistance of the protective conductor. This tester can also be used for both type and production testing of prodes.

Leakage Current (Touch current)

Some safety standards test to the touch current specifications of IEC 60990 and others use a leakage current method. This meter can do both and it also has the up to date filter network used to simulate the resistance of the human body.

Earth Contact (Bond) Resistance Test

Earth contact resistance test is very important to the accessories or appliance, which are subjected to have earth connection (Where compulsory earth required).