Dry Arc Resistance Tester

As per ASTM D 495-99 (2004) & UL 746 A

The DRY ARC RESISTANCE TESTER is designed to meet specific conditions to meet ASTM D 495-99 (2004) & UL 746 A supplied with Tungsten Electrodes. This test method covers, in a preliminary fashion, the differentiation among similar materials with respect to their resistance to the action of a high-voltage, low-current arc close to the surface of insulation, intending to form a conducting path therein or in causing the material to become conducting due to the localized thermal and chemical decomposition and erosion.

The intent of arc resistance testing is to distinguish between solid electrical insulating materials. It examines the specimen’s ability to resist an arc with high voltage and low current exposed to the material’s insulating surface. The ASTM arc resistance test for dry and uncontaminated materials centers on the time elapsed until tracking paths form.

Dry Arc Resistance Tester is designed to conduct high voltage, low current arc Resistance test on solid electrical insulation material as per:

  1. ASTM standard D495-99 (2004)-“Standard Test method for High – Voltage / Low    -Current, Dry Arc Resistance of solid Electrical Insulation”
  2. UL 746A “Testing for electrical properties.” This product is meant for all Insulator/ polymer/electro plastic manufacturers and appliance manufacturers that use insulators in their products.


Dry Arc Resistance Tester