As per IEC : 60112

The TRACKING INDEX APPARATUS from Sensors India was designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in the norm IEC 60112 (“Method for determining the comparative and the proof tracking index of solid insulating materials under moist conditions”) and many others standards ( ASTM D3638 – 12 , IS 2824 ) to determine compliance with safety requirements related to solid insulating materials under moist conditions. It is designed to determine the resistance to tracking in insulating parts supporting live parts used for electrical accessories such as MCBs, switches, sockets, plugs etc. Using this test apparatus “Proof Tracking Index Test” and “Comparative Tracking Index Test” can be conducted with test results complete logging in excel file.

The inner body of the apparatus is made up of stainless steel & outer body is made up of mild steel. The reset switch is also available on the panel, where you can preset the desired no. of drops as per requirement. Tracking test indicates the relative resistance of solid insulating electric materials when submitted up to required test range. This method exposes the tested object to electric stress under water action with contaminant addition tracking may occur during test when voltage is activated on a defined disposition of electrodes on the material surface and electrolyte drops of salt solution are injected during a definite interval of time. The number of necessary drops to cause damage on the material increases with the reduction of the applied voltage. Under a critical value, tracking does not occur.

Distinctive Attributes

  • User Interface is very friendly
  • Voltage as per standards required
  • Current range with control
  • Current and Voltage Digital Display
  • Drop control and counting arrangement digital with Peristaltic PumpTracking Index Test Apparatus