MUFFLE FURNACE is provided by Sensors India. The scope of laboratory equipment spans a broad range of tools for preparation, processing and analysis. To determine what lab equipment best suits your needs, the needs of your staff and your patients or students, just get in touch with us.

Sensors India specializes in conceptualization, design, engineering, manufacturing testing and commissioning of laboratory equipments as per National & International Standards.

Other than the standard laboratory equipment, we undertake design, engineering and manufacturing of custom built laboratory equipments as per user requirements / specifications.

Some of the standard laboratory equipments manufactured by us include the following.

• Furnaces
• Ovens
• Water Chillers
• Thermocouple Calibrators
• Calibration bath
• Hot plates
• Magnetic stirrers
• Peltier based Thermo-electric heat and cool calibrator and precision temperature sources.

Muffle Furnace