Unjointed Finger Probe

This Probe is made for forceful insertion where the flexibility of the Jointed Finger Probe would be an obstruction. The handle is designed with a threaded hole for use with force gauges. To verify protection of persons against access to hazardous  live parts of hazardous mechanical parts, these are used.

Ball Accessibility Probe with Handle

The 50 mm. Impact Ball with Handle is used to test as per IEC 60529 Standard for protection against access to hazardous parts. Ball is made of chrome-plated hardened steel, and the rest is made of polyamide. It is for impact and access testing.

Test Pin Probe, 15 mm. Long

The Test Pin Probe is used to test for accessibility of small objects and meets IEC, CSA and UL requirements. The probe is made of stainless steel with an insulated handle as per IEC 60950 and 61032 Standards.

Test Rod Probes

The ball on all models is 35mm in diameter. All probe gauges are used for measuring the protection against access to hazardous parts. The rod is made of stainless steel and the stop face and handle are made of plolyamide. Handles are threaded to accept a force gauge.

Unregulated Power Source

An Unregulated power source with current limiting circuit, Digital Voltmeter and fault indicator to be used with few test probes as per the standards test requirements.

Child ProbePower Supply for Accessibility Probes