As per IEC and ASTM Standards

GLOW WIRE TEST APPARATUS  is intended for testing the flammability and ignitability of components and materials. This equipment is designed as per requirement of IEC:60695-2-10, IEC:60950-1, IEC:60335-1, IEC:60884-1, IEC:60238, IEC:60695-2-11, IEC:60695-2-12, IEC:60745-1, IEC:60400, IEC 60730-1, IEC:60598-1, IEC:61050, IEC:60320-1, IEC:61058-1, IEC:60742, IEC:60669-1, UL 746A, BS EN 60695-2-1, BS 6458, NF C20-921-1, IS:11000, ASTM D 6194-03 ‘Fire” hazard testing- part – 2 test method section 1, Glow wire test and Guidance. Nickel / Chromium (80: 20) Glow Wire, 4 mm in diameter, as per standard.


Glow Wire Test Apparatus consists of fine wire thermocouple, 0.5 mm diameter Cr/Al OR 1.0 mm Sensing Thermocouple. Sensing Thermocouple is also being supplied as per ASTM D 6194 for measuring the temperature of the Glow Wire. The equipment is simulated thermal stresses that are produced by sources of heat or ignition for short periods. When insulation is subjected to abnormal condition & can become a fire hazard.

Fully Automatic Glow Wire Tester

Besides the Conventional Glow Wire Test Apparatus a new model with complete automated Glow Wire Tester having touch screen and complete PLC control and monitoring for Time, Flame time, Force, Current and Exhaust time etc is also designed by Sensors India.

The testing device consists of a loop of resistance wire, electrically heated to the for high temperature specified for the relevant standards and maintained under specified pressure & time. A PID digital temperature indicator with controller. The range of this control is 1000 deg. C An auto current source use also provided with a CT operated ammeter, which is capable of delivering up to 150A for heating in loop. Besides that moving specimen holder trolley is pre-loaded with a force of 0.8 to 1.2 N against Glow Wire. Mechanical stopper limits movement of the tip of The Glow Wire in to the specimen to maximum permitted with scale to measure penetration depth. Digital timer for application and flame time adjustable clamp for holding the specimen under test & Scale for measuring flame height is also provided. Our apparatus provides excellent temperature control.


Automatic Glow Wire Tester